Friday, October 23, 2009

Liberals Wrong: Ontario Deputy Premier

Pay attention to the bald man. Not just to myself, but the one in the video, too, 'cause we baldy dudes know what we're talking about!

First the Liberal Media dumps all over the federal Liberal Party.

Now the Liberal Deputy Premier of Ontario is dumping on his federal cousins for being wrong about their smear that the Conservative government favors Tory ridings over Liberal ones in terms of "stimulus" spending.

“The [federal Liberals] draw conclusions based on the analysis that they’ve done,” deputy premier George Smitherman countered Thursday outside Queen’s Park.

But, he continued, they only looked at the Recreational Infrastructure Canada (Rinc) program. While that would indicate that Conservative ridings received more cash than Liberal holdings, it doesn’t tell the whole story.

The Rinc program was open to not-for-profits and municipalities, he explained.

“So the fact that there are 450 municipalities, many of them small, meant that there were more requests in the mix for smaller communities.

“I think that’s why you see it’s a little more distributed towards rural Ontario and by coincidence, that happens to be where Conservatives represent the ridings."
Further, Prime Minister Harper indicated that it was actually the Liberal Ontario government who chose where the funds would be allocated.

Ah! The Liberals are either stupid or aren't being honest. Or both!

What do you expect from the Liberal douchebags? Even some other Liberals are saying they're wrong!

Still the federal Liberals continue to insist that they're right. Oh, my!

I see that Gerard Kennedy's being the frontline douchebag on this file. He's trying to give Warren Kinsella, the Queen of the Douchebag Clowns, a run for his money. Here's his mug:

Above: Gerard Kennedy gayin' it up, cynically pandering to another major Liberal Toronto voting bloc.

Note to the folks in the parade: Might as well vote NDP/Jack Layton. The Liberals really just want your votes and don't give a shit about you (or about anybody else but themselves).