Friday, October 16, 2009

Cdn University Suing American Counterterror Author Over Book

Story here.

Last week my pretrial took place in Toronto. It was not a pleasant experience. My Canadian lawyers and the appointed mediator spent seven hours attempting to coerce me into signing an apology to McMaster University for stating the truth. They maintained that none of my statements were factual according to Canadian libel laws.

I pointed to the fact that McMaster was home to several al-Qaeda members who plotted to blow up Canada’s Parliament and behead its prime minister. In fact, a week before my pretrial took place, the guilty plea of a McMaster student, Saad Gaya, to charges of terrorism captured the headlines of Canadian newspapers. Gaya was one of eighteen al-Qaeda affiliates also charged with planning to blow up trucks loaded with bombs at the Toronto Stock Exchange, the Toronto office of the Canadian Security intelligence Service and a military base on Ontario. He was the eleventh to be convicted. The remaining seven members of the group, known as the “Toronto 18,” remain in prison awaiting trial. Such statements of fact have done little to persuade McMaster to drop the lawsuit, and my trial is set for April 2010.


No American citizen should be stripped of his/her Constitutional rights by foreign countries or foreign entities.

Congress should act immediately to pass the Free Speech Protection Act 2009.

Seems like McMaster University is part of the Global Islamic "Stealth Jihad" Campaign, with this apparent SLAPP suit against a fact-backed counter-jihad author.

Perhaps McMaster can join Concordia under the umbrella label "Jihad U".