Friday, October 23, 2009

Liberal Pink Book Is Demagogic Smear Propaganda

Michael Ignatieff and some every-bit-as-assholey-as-he Liberal women MPs celebrate launch of the Liberal Party's Mein Kampf Big Lies Book masquerading as a supposed "womens' issues" "Pink Book".

Very clever. Big Lies in warm-and-fuzzy-sounding pink drag. Another of Warren Kinsella's Goebellian propaganda ideas, probably!

Status of Women Minister Helena Guergis said the report is riddled with "over-the-top and outrageous attacks."

"To start using women in very difficult and desperate situations to score cheap political points, I think is very shameful behaviour," she said, insisting the Conservatives have a long, strong record of protecting women from violence and promoting women in leadership positions.

Manitoba MP Shelly Glover called the book an "appalling" attempt to smear the Conservatives with misinformation.

"All the steps we've made to ensure women's equality and to ensure women are respected equally -- this is a step backward," she said.

Liberals, including Liberal women pretending to care about their fellow women, are disgusting assholes and demagogues who will do anything... anything at all... to steal power to impose an Obamanian agenda upon Canada.

Liberals, including Liberal women, must really hate ordinary Canadian women, to be using them, including those in difficult, precarious situations, to attempt to shake votes loose from their political opponents by spreading malicious smears against them.

The Liberal Attack Machine is operating at redline now, driven, obviously, by none other than the Pauper of Dimness Himself, the Piece of Poop from Heck, Warren "Catmeat Man" Kinsella, who, infamously, isn't above slurring Chinese-Canadians, Pentecostals and women. Each and every day is a Kristallnacht, a Pearl Harbor attempt, a 9/11 attempt, a continuing Intifada, to destroy the Conservative government.

Can another socialist-triangle coup plot be too far away?

Another example of the implementation of Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals. Clearly, the Liberal Party is radically neo-communist!

ht: NNW