Saturday, October 31, 2009

Canadian Threat Environment Report, Plus A Critical Juxtaposition

Via the RCMP Commissioner. Read the whole thing for yourself.

In a nutshell...

It's serious and worsening.

And we need to step up measures and activity to combat it.

I'd like to comment on the following comment.
While disrupting credible and imminent threats without sufficient evidence to justify criminal charges is sometimes necessary, he said, "counter-terrorism measures based exclusively on intelligence that falls short of the evidentiary threshold are fraught with danger and difficulty."
Hmm. You know, the "Human Rights" Commissions don't even bother with evidence at all. And they persecute/convict innocent people for "hate crimes" based on crappy or no evidence, usually nothing more than an accusation made by someone who doesn't like them or what they said or did.

Why is it that the Big Liberal Media lets the unconstitutionally powerful, criminally unaccountable "Human Rights" Commissions off the hook every time they bash Canadians with this biased persecution, but when the police go after and charge dangerous terrorists and other criminals, the Big Liberal Media puts the police under a scanning electron microscope, with extreme prejudice, always ready to trumpet/headline the accusations made by the advocates/apologists for the terrorists/criminals?

If the "progressive" movement and the Big Liberal Media, comprising that very real, authentic conspiracy of political correctness fascism, double standards and deception, is going to so aggressively go after those responsible for keeping Canada and Canadians safe, then they must also go after the so-called "Human Rights" Commissions! Why the double standard? It seems that the "progressive" movement and the Big Liberal Media are just as dangerous and destructive as are their counterparts in America!

Apparently civil and human rights are important to the Left only in certain types of situations whilst not in others. There is no doubt about this whatsoever, except in the minds of the terribly ignorant (which is the average Canadian with too little time to self-enlighten and who receives pretty much zero critically important information from the Big Liberal Media upon which they're primarily or wholly dependent).

It's very fascinating, the bizarre approach of the Left. Why do they practice this double standard? Are they trying to tyrannize and oppress Canadians, or are they just useful idiots serving those who seek to do so? Are they the Enemy Within, or just the useful idiots of the Enemy Without?
Without mentioning the federal government's now-discredited security certificate regime for jailing and deporting immigrants suspected of terrorism based on secret intelligence rather than open criminal courts, he said, "I believe that law enforcement and criminal prosecutions will be the new paradigm of national security in democratic nations the world over.

"Most democratic nations have realized that infringing on the very rights and freedoms we seek to protect from terrorism is ultimately untenable, it is also not very effective in countering terrorist threats."
Know what? What is said in those two paragraphs must also be applied to the "Human Rights" Commissions and the whole concept of "hate crimes" and "hate speech". Take away the Lord-of-the-Flies-style HRCs and leave it all up to the real, proper courts, just like it's done for the Enemies of Canada, the real, authentically dangerous and threatening terrorists. Why should the HRCs be allowed to convict people based on secret evidence, if indeed there's any evidence at all beyond a mere accusation by some paranoid, hateful lunatic? If we can't protect Canada from the most dangerous enemies we've got by having secret evidence and so on, then what the hell are we doing tolerating the HRCs oppressing, tyrannizing, persecuting, summarily convicting, taking civil rights away from ordinary, law-abiding, rights-exercising Canadians? What the hell is going on here?

The Hateful, Destructive Left can't have it both ways! We the People must stand up and say, "NO! We will NOT tolerate you hateful fascists and what you do to us! You will stop your dangerous, hateful activities, your discrimination, your taking our rights away, your oppression, your tyranny NOW!"

Taking innocent, law-abiding, rights-exercising peoples' rights away will not do anything to "stop hate". Absolutely not! In fact, it actually creates new hatred, ie. hatred of the fascists and of those who enable them! It can also create new hatred where none existed before, ie. towards hateful lunatics (like, say, Syed Soharwardy, the hateful, mean-spirited, intolerant Islamic supremacist who started the unconstitutional, un-Canadian persecution of Ezra Levant for republishing some famous Mohammed cartoons) who make the complaints to the HRCs in the first place and who get taken seriously when they don't deserve to be.

So it's time to abolish the "Human Rights" Commissions in order to help reduce and prevent hatred!