Friday, October 30, 2009

On Donolo

Peter Donolo. Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff's new Chief of Staff.

You know, during the Chretien Years, I was a keen observer of the Liberal government and what it said and did. Behind it all was... Peter Donolo.

Back then, I remember myself thinking of how to counter the Liberals' propaganda and dirty tricks.

And today I know even more about how to deal with Liberals.

So, rest assured, whatever Peter Donolo does, I'll be here to deal with it.

Rest assured, Peter Donolo will again have to depend on dumb luck as well as acumen. But, you know, Peter is still an imperfect mortal, just like Ignatieff, who once seemed so powerful and invincible, but now looks as dumb as Dion, his predecessor.

So Peter Donolo's Liberals are beatable.

I'm not afraid of the Chretien Machine anymore. I regard it as something to take apart and put away.