Monday, October 26, 2009

Obama Obviously NOT 'Working' On Nation's Problems!

The guy's obviously enjoying himself too much. America's in deep, deep, unprecedented trouble, fighting for her life, and he just laughs and plays golf.

We hear of Obama screwing around, playing, partying, etc. all the time, and we're told that he's "too busy" to listen to anyone, much less answer questions.

So is he really "busy"?

Well, it's obvious that he's not as busy with work as was George W. Bush.

For one thing, he's played as much golf in nine months as Dubya played in almost three years.

Obviously he doesn't give a crap about America and Americans and would much rather be golfing with fellow wealthy elites.

Seems all he does besides golf and party on Americans' dimes is put on a suit and parrot whatever he's told by the folks behind the curtain, delivered to him most frequently via teleprompter, because he often obviously has no idea what he's going to say!

No wonder America's doing this.

Voila! Your tax dollars hard at work, Americans!