Saturday, October 24, 2009

Obama's Fascist, Anti-FOX Blacklisting Attempt Backfires

Actually... NO HE CAN'T

FOX News: 1. Obama: 0

According to, the Treasury Department sought to arrange interviews on Thursday for "pay czar" Kenneth Feinberg. The notable exception: Fox News would not be invited.

After conferring, the bureau chiefs of the other networks informed Treasury officials that because Fox is a member of the network pool, it could not be excluded. Either Fox would be permitted to participate, they said, or none of the networks would provide coverage.

The administration backed down quickly, agreeing to make Feinberg available for all the networks including Fox. But it was another skirmish in the unseemly struggle between Obama and Fox News that appears to be elevating the network's ratings, even as Obama's standing with independent voters appears to be slipping.
Get that?

FOX News: Ratings rising.

Obama: Ratings falling.

After all, he promised to be open to criticism. He's been anything but.

And the People can tell.

That's why they keep moving over to FOX News from the propaganda, appalling cover-ups and lies of the ObaDeMedia Complex.