Monday, October 26, 2009

Obama One-World Regime Agenda Scares WHOM?!

Believe it or not, Obama's undeniable, obvious global-governance agenda scares HIM.



Oh, wait... HE will still fight this evil, so...

Let's help him.

Oppose One World Governance.

It's scarier than a Stanley Kubrick movie, because it's REAL, and if we do nothing, it WILL happen.

It's like Hitler's and Khruschev's world-domination agendae... by stealth, without a shot fired.

See, the evildoers do adapt. They're not stupid. Evilly deranged, but not stupid.

Unfortunately, most of our current Free World leadership are stupid.

For example, take Obama... please! (To the loony bin, if he hasn't shut 'em all down already...)