Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sikh Immigrants 'Defecting In Droves' From Libs To Tories

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“When you come here, any immigrant thinks the Liberals are demi-gods. But when you establish yourself, you look at their policies,” said Mr. Gill.


It wasn't long ago that voting Conservative was considered a cardinal sin in some ethnic communities. But polls now show that immigrants, the unshakeable bedrock of Liberal support, are forsaking Pierre Trudeau's party – the party of multiculturalism, of expanded immigration, of the Charter – for Stephen Harper.
Well, of course. Immigrants are smart, not stupid. While they might feel a bit lost and confused when first coming to Canada, which is, of course, normal for anyone moving to a new, very different country, they, if they're paying attention and thinking for themselves, quickly learn what's what.

The Liberals have always targeted immigrant communities for manipulation and pandering to get their votes. But it's not working anymore, because immigrants, like those born in Canada, have come to see the Liberals for what they really are.
An Ekos poll last week showed the Conservatives, for the first time, leading among voters born outside Canada.
After all, immigrants realize that the Liberals have been taking them for granted.

And now Liberals are beginning to detect the stimulating aroma of the coffee of inconvenient reality.
“Our party, quite frankly, has been taking them for granted for quite some time,” said one senior Ontario Liberal. “We're seeing very effective penetration by the Conservatives, especially at the federal level.”
One major turning point, I believe, was the same-sex "marriage" legislation arrogantly, undemocratically, Machiavellianly, dishonestly imposed by the extremist Liberals in rewarding certain ultra-ideological voter blocs who supported them and helped them defame and demonize the Conservatives over the years. Such legislation has never been popular with immigrant communities, which tend to be significantly more conservative and tradition-minded than the average Canadian. I suppose the Liberals want to call them "bigots", "rednecks", "racists", "extremists", "haters", "homophobes", "neanderthal knuckledraggers", etc., etc., too, just as they always thusly smear Canadian-born conservatives and traditionalists who simply, as do immigrants, exercise their Charter-guaranteed right to believe and speak as they wish, rather than submit to contemporary, fascist Political Correctness imperative?

See for yourself:
Same-sex marriage was the first wedge in the relationship. It was difficult for many Sikhs to accept because their religion forbids it, Mr. Dhaliwal said. He's also strongly opposed to Ruby Dhalla, the MP for Brampton-Springdale.
I guess the Liberals are going to call the Sikhs all sorts of nasty names and pull out purple dinosaurs on national TV to make fun of their religious beliefs, too? Will Warren "Catmeat Man" Kinsella dare slur Sikhs like he slurred Pentecostals and Chinese Canadians?

Hmm. I wonder what Muslims think of the Liberals' same-sex "marriage" legislation? Why doesn't the Big Media ask them, too? Will the Liberals call the Muslims nasty names, too? Now, that I'd like to see, but realize that it ain't going to happen, for the same reason as why you don't hear of Liberals drawing cartoons of Mohammed or posting them on their blogs.

As an aside, it's due to Obama's need to appease the Islamic fundamentalists who supported him and helped him get elected that's responsible for his stalling on giving the now-angry-and-feeling-betrayed GLBTs what they demand of him. Of course, this is what happens when a politician tries to be everything to everyone, promising everything despite the conflicts between competing interests such promises pose. You can't promise, for example, to make it day forever and night forever at the same time, because it's impossible to do both (of course, since Obama's actually not an all-powerful god, he cannot do either, but some folks apparently think he can!). You have to make a choice, have to alienate one of the competing groups... or do nothing at all. No wonder Obama's approval rating is sinking worse than pretty much any other President's has sunk in the same period of time. And you can see why he will not be President for a second term. The majority of Americans don't trust him, and they won't in 2012. If an election were held today, Americans would bring back George W. Bush if they could. That's how bad it is for Obama.

What Liberals, the rest of the Hard Left and the Liberal Media Establishment need to realize is that if they want to have lots and lots of immigration, they're going to have to accommodate the immigrants' social conservatism. What are they going to do, force socially-conservative immigrants to "assimilate"? Are they going to abandon the whole "multiculturalism" concept for a one-size-fits-all regime of imposed Hard-Left political correctness fascism?

You can see the Liberal-Left's problem, yes? They want to have everything they want, and used to get it all.

But not anymore.

It's time for the Liberal-Left-Media Complex to grow up, acknowledge, accept and warmly embrace reality.