Saturday, October 17, 2009

Chinese Man Jailed For Promoting Democracy

Story here.

BEIJING - The founder of a Chinese group that challenged Communist rule with a call for multiparty democracy has been sentenced to 10 years in prison, a human rights group said Saturday.

Former university professor and judge Guo Quan was sentenced for "subversion of state power" by a court in eastern Jiangsu Province on Friday, the New York-based group Human Rights in China said in a statement.

Guo had been detained numerous times since 2007, when he founded the China New Democracy Party, which he claimed had 40 million members. He was arrested in Nanjing, the provincial capital, last November. His wife told The Associated Press at the time that Guo was taken after dropping his son off at school.

His sentencing comes ahead of President Barack Obama's visit to China in mid-November.

Expect Obama to say nothing when he visits, like a good little Useful Idiot.

Obama may preach democracy, but he does NOT believe in it.

He'll just brainlessly say the annoying, frequently-untrue talking point, "we can't impose our values onto others". (Not even values like democracy and human rights, Obama???)

And I wish the Canadian Prime Minister, a Conservative, would get more aggressive with the fecking Communists, as he's been before, but since has moderated his tone in submission to political correctness. Come on, man; take your big, hairy, smelly balls back and then shove 'em right into the Commies' faces whilst lecturing them of the importance of free expression, democracy and human rights and threatening to turn your back (and Canadian business's backs) on them for ignoring you!