Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Even More Scary Stuff About Obama Extremist Czar Jennings

There's already plenty of calls for the ouster of Obama's handpicked "Safe Schools Czar", the radical, militant, revolutionary "gay" extremist, Kevin Jennings.

We've heard the shocking stuff we've heard. Hard to believe there could possibly be more.

But there is more.
Now the advertising for the Harvard exhibition: "Act Up New York: Activism, Art, and the AIDS Crisis, 1987-1993," credits Kevin Jennings with others including Fred P. Hockberg and Tom Healy, Open Gate and the Barbara Lee Family Foundation for "gifts and grants" used for the project.


"The exhibit includes horrible anti-Catholic bigotry, child pornography, and various descriptions and depictions of sexual perversion. It also includes posters accusing various public officials of murder during the AIDS crisis of the 1980s and 1990s and a call to terrorize offices of the National Institute of Health," wrote Mass Resistance in its report on the event.


"It was extremely disturbing. This exhibit is a 'celebration' of anger, terrorism, religious bigotry, and sexual deviance. It's considered a serious mainstream event by the elite academic and homosexual communities. In many ways it's a window into what the homosexual movement - including many who teach in colleges and high schools across the country - thinks of children, America, religion, society, and you," the report said.

"For any public official to be involved with this and funding it (much less a person in charge of directing the nation's children's 'safety') is beyond offensive. It's every parent's nightmare," the report said.

By the way, a message from me to the far left who would call this post "hatemongering": No. It's exposing an extremist who is in a position of great power over America's schoolchildren, and saying that such a radically revolutionary extremist has no business being in a position such as one responsible for "school safety". It's just common sense. You wouldn't want a radical white supremacist in that position, either, would you? Or a member of Al Qaeda?

Besides, the exhibition financially supported by Czar Jennings is hateful in and of itself, spreading hatred and contempt against Catholics.

It also includes child pornography. That's a serious criminal offence! Call the cops, somebody!

This is unacceptable!

Extremism is extremism. I though the far left didn't want "extremists" in government?

Oh, that's right... only non-leftists can be "extremists". Leftists can never be "extremists", so for them, anything goes. Hell, why not appoint William Ayers to be "National Security Czar"?

Please. Don't sugarcoat that which will still taste horrible anyway. Stop pretending that extremists aren't extreme!