Monday, October 19, 2009

Chretien Says...

...ah, who cares what the old fart says? We know he's fullashit anyway.


Nevertheless, we know the record of Canada since the Harper Conservatives took power.

Canada's standing on the world stage today is stellar, unlike what it was during the Chretien Epoch.

Canada is respected. Canada leads, over and over again. Canada gets listened to.

Thanks to the Harper Conservatives.

The old Cretch is just jealous. Sour grapes.

He can go play golf with the SinoCommies, for all I care.

Who the hell wants to be the Chinese Communist Party's "best friend"? Oh, obviously, the Cretch!

"Abandoned Africa"? Hardly! The Cretchen Liberals, what did they ever do for Africa? Africa never became any better off, thanks to the Cretch, anyway.

Ok, I've wasted enough precious time already giving a couple cents on the Cretch. He can go play with his precious (golf) balls.