Sunday, October 25, 2009

New Super Vaccine Against All Flu Strains Developed By Israel


Wonder how fast the rest of the world will take notice? So far, as of time of this posting, pretty much no one outside of Israel... and The Canadian Sentinel... has mentioned it.

Story here.

An Israeli pharmaceutical company recently announced that it has developed a super-vaccine that prepares the immune system to fend off all strains of flu, including bird and swine flu, technically, though the formal announcement on those two will wait until specific testing on those two strains is completed.

But the fact is that the super-vaccine contains elements that "contribute to the flu virus downfall". This means that the super-vaccine attacks all strains of flu based on their common characteristics.

Looks like Israel beat Britain in the race to develop the super-vaccine.

Ok, rant time again...

Really, folks... there's no need to be jealous of Israel, no need to hate Israel, and no need to spread big lies, demonization, etc., against Israel.

Israel built herself from nothing but barren desert. Now Israel is a leader in the world.

Why do so many people hate Israel? Is it because there's lots of Jewish folks in Israel, and Israel is the only nation in the Middle East that isn't a murderously theocratic Islamic tyranny, and the only nation in the Middle East that respects everyone's human rights?

Also, one must ask oneself: Given all the attacks on Israel over the decades by the internationally-enabled, mentally-poisoned-by-the-"Palestinian-Authority"-with-pure-hate-and-evil-like-Nazis "Palestinians" and their infrastructure of anti-Jew, Goebbelian hatemongering and murder, why hasn't Israel just done what the Islamic world has done to its non-Muslim residents, which is to kick out "Palestinians"? Israel could have done that after the 1967 war, but didn't, because she's humane and civilized, unlike the Muslim nations, which cleansed themselves of Jews, Christians, etc., so as to be purely Islamic. Also, Israel could have just destroyed "Palestine" just like that, and then taken over completely, but didn't, and chose instead to offer full equality to "Palestinians", but the PLO et al didn't want peace with the Jews, so they decided to instead try to destroy Israel via deadly terrorism.

It's a shame that most folks are misinformed/brainwashed about the situation and history in the Middle East. It's a shame that the Far-Left "News" Media of the world is also misinformed and brainwashed and continues to spew prejudiced, Judeophobic, Israel-hating drivel masquerading as "news", including deliberate fabrications and big lies, frequently based on "Palestinian sources".

The "Palestinians" are the bad guys, though they became this way due to a totalitarian propaganda infrastructure that would astonish and humble Nazi Reich Minister of Propaganda Josef Goebbels. "Palestinians" are literally programmed from birth to be haters and murderers of Jews, to destroy Israel because she's Jewish, and to be Islamic supremacists overall.

And the so-called "International Community" is funding, with billions and billions of our tax dollars, this incitement to hate and to murder on the basis of religious orientation. The funding pays for Jew-hating textbooks and for Jew-hating childrens' TV programs, for example.

And this is wrong. And must stop!

The World must awaken as to the truth!

I have learned the truth, bypassing the delusional Far-Left "News" Media. Have you already or will you dare summon the courage and gonads to do so as well, or are you too comfortable in your brainless conformity to hating an identifiable group just because others are repeating big lies about them and telling you to hate them?