Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Sounds Like Pure Garbage To Me

Pure, mentally-disordered, depraved GARBAGE.

Might as well watch a bad porno instead. Even pure, hardcore pornos can certainly, if desired by the director, be "artistically shot" and, unlike the movie in question, can actually have a story beyond the dirty stuff.

But I'm sure it'll be popular with depraved left-wing extremists who consider crap like that to be "art". Crap "art" in the form of a movie. How about that? I bet the Obamacrats took taxpayer dollars and paid for the whole thing's production, reminding us Canucks of when the Liberals helped pay for "Bubbles Galore", paying, of course, with confiscated workers' monies, a porno flick starring geriatric, walking-ad-for-plastic-surgery pornstar Nina Hartley, an avowed communist, by the way, and masquerading as a real movie.

Willem Dafoe must have financial problems these days. Why else would he make a gratuitously-bareassed movie? Hell, on the other hand, maybe he's a leftist craphead like the average Hollyweird zombie. Could be both cases are true.

ht: Drudge Report