Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Indecisive Moron Obama Dithers On Afghanistan Mission

Just like he dithers on keeping his promises to the militant "gay" lobby, he's dithering on what to do about the situation in Afghanistan at the moment, even though the "what to do" is clear: Either pull out or boost the troop contingent. No matter what side one takes, the status quo isn't something that's acceptable, yet the Obamacrats find the status quo, euphemized as "staying the course", to be the "best course of action".

I'm beginning to believe that the Obamacrats have a strategy of doing nothing, whilst appearing to be doing something ("thinking about it" when all they need to do is either do it or not). They'll delay, dither, stall for time, etc... because they don't want to do one thing or another and alienate any voters, kind of like how the Canadian Liberals don't want to come up with any policies or ideas, for fear of alienating some voters.

The Obamacrats are obviously useless at times like this. Imagine how useless they'd be in another World War, or in another Cuban Missile Crisis-type situation. America and the Free World are obviously endangered by these enemy-ass-kissers.

Where's the crazy-moonbat protestors in the streets with the burning-Obama effigies? Where's their Obama-equals-Hitler signs? Isn't it amazing how the so-called "anti-war" crowd magically disappered with the election of Obama? Isn't it amazing how the Big Media won't give Cindy Sheehan the time of day now that Obama's the "warmonger", the "evil, monstrous serial murderer" and "international terrorist"? Isn't it amazing how the "anti-war" crowd stays home, and how the Big Media won't bash Obama over the wars, even though Obama's doing precisely the same war stuff as was Bush? Think about that!

Does Obama get the free pass that was denied to Bush, for the reason that Obama's a hardcore left-wing extremist revolutionary doing stuff the hard-left Big Media, the neo-communists, the Islamic Khalifascists and the militant GLBT lobby want, or for the reason that he's black? Why is he getting a free pass whereas Bush never got one? Maybe Bush was bashed just because of the color of his skin and just because he's a real Christian who opposed taxpayer funding for abortions and had other policies the hard left hated?