Monday, October 05, 2009

See How Blatantly Wrong Obama Is On Afghanistan?

To "steal" the excellent concept from Kate (thanks, K!) at Small Dead Animals,

Now is the time when, at The Canadian Sentinel, we juxtapose!

Obama pissed at General for saying more troops badly needed

Well, the General's right, obviously:

Worst Coalition losses in year as Taliban storm NATO outpost

While Obama dithers and stalls, Americans die and Islamic jihadists win!

Obviously Obama wants us to lose to the Islamic jihadists.

Obviously. Duh.

No wonder Rush said he wanted Obama to fail! Obama's a terrible Commander-In-Chief!

And he still hasn't proven that he's legally the President. Yes, I'm going against the awesome, unprecedented social taboo against saying this inconvenient truth. Yes, it's true. I dare anyone to prove otherwise! Concrete, undeniable evidence only, please, no hearsay, no suspicious copies of unverified documents, either!

I'm telling you, this Obama guy terrifies me. I sincerely fear for America's safety, and for the safety of the Free World as well, because this guy's agenda is a big, fat question mark, and the more it becomes exposed, the scarier it gets.

It's not a stretch to say: As long as Obama's in the White House, the terrorists win!