Thursday, October 01, 2009

Oh, So Now They Care About The Constitution?

No surprise there. They care about it when it serves their interests, and not when it goes against them.

Like, Obama's Presidency may be unconstitutional, but they don't want to talk about that, and don't want to admit that the constitutionality of him being President was never verified.

They don't care about the constitutionality of the First and Second Amendments.

Whatever they find inconvenient, and whenever, they won't give a damn about it.

But when it suits them, they'll be adamant that the Constitution is sarcosanct and must be respected and obeyed. Like with respect to the proposed withdrawal of billions of dollars in funding for ACORN.

I say, hey, if we must worry about the Constitution in the case of ACORN being funded, then let's ALL worry about the Constitution when talking about the constitutionality of Obama's being "President"!

They cannot have it both ways!

Ok, now, where's the proof that Obama meets the Constitution's "natural born" requirement?

Oh, yes, I'm going there!

Since they ignore the Constitution with respect to Obama's being "President", then I say, hey, let's ignore the Constitution and summarily take the Peoples' money back from those ultra-ideological, ultra-partisan, extremist-revolutionary, neo-communist kiddie-ho pimps, thugs and tax fraudsters!