Thursday, October 01, 2009

China Looking To Take Over World?

Above: China today. Below: Germany not too long ago.
Few thought the Germans were about to do the unthinkable, the insane, the evil...
As few think the Chinese would now.
It's just unthinkable, impossible, illogical that they'd... right? As something like 9/11/2001 was once believed impossible, remember?

Marching to world domination?

China today celebrated its wealth and rising might with a show of goose-stepping troops, gaudy floats and nuclear-capable missiles in Beijing, 60 years after Mao Zedong proclaimed its embrace of communism.

Tiananmen Square became a hi-tech stage to celebrate the birth of the People's Republic of China on October 1, 1949, with President Hu Jintao, wearing a slate grey 'Mao' suit, and the Communist Party leadership watching the meticulously disciplined show from the Gate of Heavenly Peace over the Square. Here DOMINIC SANDBROOK explains why the West should be so wary of the new superpower.

Above and below: Eerie parallel. Playing copycat, yes?
Perhaps. At least they built their own "Maybach".