Friday, October 09, 2009

Nobel Prize Committee A 'Radical Leftist Front Group': Savage

Michael Savage is as astonished at Obama's being awarded the "Nobel Peace Prize" as are you and I.

"Is he moving us towards world peace?" he wonders. "Last I checked Ahmadinejad is speeding along with his bomb. If Obama is an antiwar president, why hasn't he pulled us out of Afghanistan?"

Savage's real ire isn't directed at Obama, but at the Nobel committee. Like Rush Limbaugh earlier today, he argues that the prize tells us more about the prize givers than it does about Obama. "We all know what the Nobel Prize committee is ever since Yasir Arafat won. It's a radical leftist front group that hijacked Alfred Nobel's prize."

Nobel created dynamite, and felt really guilty about it, Savage reminds us. But Obama, he says, has moved us toward world peace about as much as British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain did by appeasing the Nazis. "For a brief moment, there was world peace, and then in the blink of an eye it was over."


“This whole thing smacks of comic absurdity.”

Absurdity is right. How can a guy currently running three separate wars (Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan) deserve a "peace prize"? Hey, why didn't Bush get the peace prize for doing the same stuff?

Obviously the "Nobel Committee" is a lunatic leftist group. They've obviously also been hypnotized by the whole Obamamania thing...

If anyone deserves a "peace prize", it's Israel.

After all, all she wants is peace, and she proves it all the time, only defending herself against the incessant attacks on her since the beginning, whilst always, amazingly, admirably, perhaps foolishly, seeking to make peace with her irrational mortal enemies. Israel even gave away land in the hopes of creating goodwill that might've led to peace, but her goodwill gesture was just used against her by her mortal enemies. It's not her fault that there isn't any peace, aside from the peace they've already made with Egypt and Jordan, both of whom attacked Israel in 1967 and who didn't demand the return of their captured-in-war lands known to the world as "Gaza" and the "West Bank" (which, incredibly, have, since that war, been fraudulently claimed by some folks calling themselves "Palestinians" to be their "nation"). But one must marvel at Israel's incredible, superhuman restraint at not simply ending the whole "push Israel into the sea" movement of the "Palestine Liberation Organization" et al for once and for all. After all, the reasonable person wouldn't blame Israel for simply ending the unacceptable problem the easy way, like other nations do all the time (for which they don't get bashed as does Israel for simply defending herself with astonishing restraint!). Just think about it. Israel could easily, quickly end the conflict just like that. But she doesn't. You know, if Israel was as horribly evil as her mortal enemies, as the brainless neo-communist "progressives" and as the Big International Corporate Media claim, then she would've just "taken care of" everything by now. That's what an evil nation would do, but, as Israel is the opposite of such a nation, she hasn't done that. No matter to the Judeophobes, though, who will still demonize Israel and want to get rid of her as Hitler and his Nazis demonized the Jews and tried to get rid of them.

You know, if the likes of Russia or China had a nasty bunch of folks in a non-state geopolitical area constantly plotting to destroy their country, do you think they would exercise restraint? They sure didn't exercise restraint in places like Georgia, nor Tibet. And neither of those nations threaten the big, bad neo-communist tyrannies, both of whom have many nukes and stuff and needn't worry about those little tiny guys at all.

I hereby nominate Israel for the Real Peace Prize.

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