Friday, October 09, 2009

Libs Protest Too Much

What "partisan advertising"? Oh, puh-leez!

All the government did was inform us what it's been doing with our borrowed money, as opposed to keeping us in the dark about it.

As for the Liberals hilariously accusing the government of "corruption" because of that, well, it appears that the Liberals have forgotten about their own ADSCAM crime! Remember that? The scam wherein they'd basically pay advertising firms ridiculously enormous amounts of taxpayers' money to simply put up signs that said "Canada", and have some of that money funnelled back to the Liberal Party as "donations", with the rest being kept in lucky Librano$' pockets for self-enrichment? Remember the cash-filled brown envelopes being passed under tables in Italian restaurants? Remember the witness testimony about the scary Librano dude picking the witness's nose, saying, "I am making war with you"? And remember the $40 million of taxpayer money the Liberals failed to account for? When will they pay it back? And who can forget the Librano who absconded to Costa Rica with millions in stolen taxpayer dollars to live the high party life with his cabana-boy friend? And on and on and on...

The Harper Conservatives have done nothing wrong.

The left and the Big Media are just trying to create an illusion.

Besides, hey, if it's wrong to have informative ads about government programs and activities, then why don't Canadian leftists call the Obamacrat Regime in America "corrupt" and "partisan" for using the Obama logo on all government advertising? The Tories don't use a Conservative logo, nor a logo representing their leader, in government advertising, so how's it "partisan"?

Gimme a break. The hyper-imaginative leftists are seeing boogeymen where there aren't any. They're babbling conspiracy theories. Just as they see racism where there isn't any, and Nazis in public toilet stalls, where there aren't any.

I note that this article is basically a copy-and-paste of a Canadian Press propaganda release.

No wonder an Irving-owned media outlet is using it. Anything to hurt the Conservatives, remember? By the way, the disgraced Jamie Irving is back on the job following a very brief suspension for the Wafergate scandal that forever tarnished, in the eyes of many Canadians, the Telegraph Journal and the Irvings as anti-Conservative partisans and propagandists...

What do you expect from a bunch of folks who make much of their money by refining and selling oil imported from the Islamic World? Blood Oil, y'know. Terrorist Oil. They'd do better to explore and develop in Canada. Let's use Canadian oil. Why not? Yes we can!

ht: NNW