Saturday, October 03, 2009

Iran Trying To Use Canada To Acquire Nuke Bomb Parts

"Peaceful purposes"? Why, then, the secrecy? Why, then, the obvious missile-related parts?

OTTAWA (AFP) -- Iran is attempting to acquire clandestine shipments via Canada for its nuclear program, a senior customs official said Thursday.
Canadian customs officers have seized everything from centrifuge parts to programmable logic controllers being shipped to Iran through third countries, George Webb, head of the Canada Border Services Agency's Counter Proliferation Section, told the National Post.
The increasing number of cases involves entrepreneurs and state-sponsored cells, Webb told the daily, in comments that were confirmed to AFP by a spokeswoman for CBSA.
Microchips identified as possible "navigational chips" from the United States, Denmark and Japan were marked as headed for the United Arab Emirates, but officials suspect the end destination was Iran, said the Canadian daily.

"With all of the UN sanctions, of course, now no one declares that the goods are going to Iran. They actually declare UAE, Dubai," he said.

Duh. Like we should've listened to Churchill and taken out the Nazis' capabilities pre-emptively, so should we take out the Iranians' capabilities.