Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Harper Blasts Local Censorship Law

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ht: NNW

"I would not support any actions in the name of security that stifle political free expression.

"That is what our country is all about," Harper said in Vancouver.

Looks like Vancouver is, however, hellbent on censoring anything that might offend the murderously intolerant Chinese Communist Regime and other regimes that don't want to be exposed to the truth about them, no matter where.

Offenders could face fines up to $10,000 or six months in jail, he said.

"It seems that in the name of the Olympics, everything is possible, including anti-free speech and draconian laws like this," Eby said.

It's unconstitutional. Vancouver needs to be hauled before court immediately and ordered to abandon its plans for censorship and persecution due to the fact that it would violate the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to do what they plan to do.

It's not about "security". It's about appeasing tyrants!

People with signs aren't a national security threat, fofecksake!

If any level of government is allowed to impose such censorship in violation of the Charter, then there's no stopping anyone else, either.

Remember what happened at APEC '97? The pepper spray? The infamous Hugh "Sergeant Pepper" Stewart blasting a CBC cameraman with pepper spray in a frightening fit of overzealous Chretien-fearing fascism? Chretien & Suharto? Unfortunately, the Olympics in Vancouver appear set to repeat history...

I call for massive, overwhelming civil disobedience, should Vancouver attempt to take peoples' rights away, and for any and all inconvenient truth to be expressed with maximum enthusiasm and visibility no matter what Vancouver tries.

Should Vancouver use a massive police presence and brutal force to silence Canadians for merely exercising their Charter rights and freedoms, well, this will be very, very bad for Canada and her image in the world.