Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Evil Empire Emboldened By Wimpy Regime In US

The Fool embraces the Bear. Soon the Bear will be hungry. And then...

Via Drudge...

Russia will use pre-emptive nuclear strikes if she wants

Listen up, neo-communist useful idiots, including Obama... look, it's not healthy to assume that Russia (like China, Iran et al) isn't a threat to us anymore just because the Cold War is supposedly over (it really isn't, and Obama's agenda of disarming America is nothing short of treasonous!).

Now we see Russia saying she's going to be using pre-emptive nuclear warfare if she sees fit.

This is significant and serious. It used to be that everyone said that they'd never use nukes first. Now Russia's saying she may use them first.

It's as if Russia's no longer worried about the doctrine of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD).

I see what may well be going on here.

Perhaps Medvedev/Putin are so chummy with Obama because Obama told them he plans to get rid of America's nukes or something.

Perhaps Russia believes it's developed a missile defence system it believes makes it invulnerable to incoming nuclear missiles.

Perhaps Russia is imperialist, and plans to hide its imperialism behind "pre-emptive nuclear strikes to protect her security from threats".

Why the hell must we submit to this evil man?

Russia says no to sanctions against Iran

BEIJING (Reuters) - Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin warned major powers on Wednesday against intimidating Iran and said talk of sanctions against the Islamic Republic over its nuclear programme was "premature".
Premature? Like hell. The world has been threatening sanctions, via the useless "United Nations", against Iran, should that belligerent Islamic tyranny refuse to abandon its nuclear enrichment program, which could be (and logically is being) used for nuclear weapons.

Clearly, indubitably, Russia has made itself part of the Axis of Evil, in its comradeship with Iran.

What does Obama do? He's going to let the Russians inspect the American nuclear arsenal, unrestricted.

Why is the Obamacrat Regime submitting to the demands of the Russians?

Is it a matter of "coming to the aid of the Party"? Are the Obamacrats actually neo-communists? Oh, right... stupid question. Of course they are. And of course they're destroying America's national security.

The sooner they're tossed out the better.

What we need in America is a leadership in America that terrifies the Russians, the Chinese and the Iranians to their very core.

Under Reagan/Thatcher, the Axis didn't dare mess with us.

Under Obama, well, does anyone think the Axis fears Obama to the point that they wouldn't dare tread upon America?

And here in Canada, it's obvious that we need the nuclear deterrent. We need the ability to destroy those who would invade and occupy our country! You don't want to end up speaking Russian or Arabic or Chinese, do you? You don't want to have your rights and freedoms taken away, do you?