Thursday, March 29, 2007

Contradictory Polls

Via (Canada's most excellent news aggregator, in my opinion. My first stop of the day, frequently):

This poll claims that the federal Conservative government has sank in popularity, with the gap between them and the Liberals narrowing. Sounds bad, doesn't it? One would be led to think, from the way it's spun.

But this one says the Tories have broadened their lead over the Liberals to be ahead by 17 points. Plus the "Makes best Prime Minister" score for Prime Minister Stephen Harper is 41%, whereas for Liberal leader Stephane Dion it's a paltry 17%. Clearly many Liberals disapprove of their own leader! Talk about being a lame duck! It is also noted that the Tories have surged upwards in popularity in Quebec.

Here's yet another poll, with very positive findings for the Tories and their leader in British Columbia. In fact, BCers like the Conservative government's environmental agenda quite well.

Ah, but polls are only polls. After all, dogs piss on 'em. If dogs have a natural instinct to excrete the contents of their bladders onto these things, we humans can take it as a hint as to the worthiness of such things, being little more important than a sort of urinary target for our furry little woofy friends...