Saturday, March 31, 2007

Did Dion Get FCM Prez Fired For Being Tory?

Story here. h/t: Bourque

Gloria Kovach, recently fired as President of the Federation of Canadian Municipalites, accuses Stephane Dion of having her fired. She had decided to seek the Conservative nomination to run in the next federal election and lost.

Then she had a meeting with Dion. Then she was fired. Just because Dion didn't want to deal with her as FCM President.

My, but isn't Stephane Dion a really diplomatic fellow? He won't deal with the FCM as long as there was this particular someone (who happens to be a Conservative), Ms. Kovach, who was its President.

Astonishing! This amounts to discrimination on the basis of political orientation! Isn't that unconstitutional? If not, then let's ban the Communist Party, the Liberal Party, the NDP, the Marxist-Leninists, the Bloc, the Marijuana Party... why not, then? Let's fire everyone who's a Liberal just 'cause they're Liberals!!! Come on! Isn't it unconstitutional, though? Well?

She said the trouble began soon afterwards when she met with Dion for prebudget discussions. With her at that meeting, her first with the new Liberal leader, was FCM first vice-president Gord Steeves of Winnipeg.


Soon afterwards, FCM staff told her that Dion had contacted FCM and the Big City Mayors Caucus "to say he would not deal with FCM with me as president," she said in an interview Wednesday.

"From there it started a spiral: What do we do? Dion's not happy," she said.

Then she was just kicked out of the post. No explanation whatsoever. Why? Why did they dump her? Did she do anything wrong? Was her performance unsatisfactory? Is it because Dion didn't like her because she wasn't a Liberal? One also wonders about the political orientation of the FCM, now that this has happened. I guess they'll all have to go to court. And Dion is going to look bad. He might have to go onto the stand and be sworn in under oath. Kiss of political death, this kind of thing!

Kovach said she worked with all the party leaders as FCM president. "I couldn't imagine" Prime Minister Stephen Harper "trying to flex his muscles in this way," as Dion did, she said.

Indeed, this looks bad for Dion. Who wants a Prime Minister, Stephane Dion, who sounds just like the mercilessly iron-fisted Jean Chretien?

Too bad Ms. Kovach isn't a burqha-wearing Muslim lesbian! Then her job would've been iron-clad and bulletproof no matter what!