Friday, March 30, 2007

TorStar Slurs Tory MP in "News" Article

"News" article here. Yep. It's the Toronto (Red) Star again.

Once again, implying that they're reporting "news", they go beyond what can be considered "news" into the realm of speculation as to the mood of a Conservative MP.

They labelled him "grumpy" just because they obviously didn't like his remark.

Here's what happened. The leftists are once again showing their culture of entitlement and selfish hedonistic side, you'll notice.

Liberal MP David McGuinty (Ottawa South) was in the middle of proposing a change to the bill's name, largely to reflect the amendments that his party had forced, when NDP MP Nathan Cullen (Skeena-Bulkley Valley) paraded into the committee room carrying a cake to celebrate the completion of the committee's work.

A young woman from the Sierra Club youth coalition, an environmental group, sat in the audience sipping champagne that had been uncorked minutes earlier in NDP Leader Jack Layton's parliamentary office.

"As a personal position, I refuse to have cake at funerals," said grumpy Conservative MP Brian Jean, whose riding encompasses Alberta's oil sands.

Well, well... just because Mr. Jean finds the leftists' actions appalling (having cake and champagne while they're supposed to be taking things seriously) in light of the grave economic threat the leftists' amendments to the Clean Air Act pose for Canada and for Alberta in particular, the Toronto Star calls him "grumpy"? In a supposed "news" report? This isn't "news"; it is opinion. No wonder the TS won't put a header on the top of its pages to identify whether the article is fact-based news or just opinion.

(Is it any surprise, btw, that the moonbats in Toronto would make a slur against an Albertan and wouldn't care what would happen to Alberta's economy due to their amendments, which, if they think will be accepted, they're just stoned again?)

They should've simply reported Mr. Jean's exact quotation and left it at that.

But did they? Oh, noooooo! They, like typical leftwing extremists, just had to engage in the usual, infantile, unprofessional Conservative-bashing we witness all the time.

Maybe the TS is too damned stupid to realize that Mr. Jean wasn't grumpy, but rather appalled at the cavalier stupidity of the leftist Opposition members on the Committee, what with their pretty much doing whatever they want, damn the consequences, and eating cake and consuming alcohol... on the Peoples' own property, while they're being paid by the People.

If the left believes we're going to let them have their way, then they celebrated too soon, not that they should be celebrating when they're out of power and have no apparent chance of regaining it for a long time.

I have a feeling that the left is actually unknowingly engineering the end of their Opposition majority in the House of Commons. They're handing us a majority in the next election by playing fast and loose with the future of Canada's economy under the dubious guise of trying to prevent something the causative reality of which man doesn't really even understand: "climate change". They're expecting Canadians to believe that Canadian companies must shell out what would certainly amount to billions of dollars in new taxes and that this will surely stop the planet's climate from changing? How laughable! The planet's climate has always changed (a LOT) and always will. Long before man's appearance and long after his disappearance. But don't worry- if man ever disappears, it probably won't be his own fault. More likely it's due to forces beyond his control, like a devastating asteroid bombardment or something. Of course, that they'll blame on Bush, too...

Besides, simply imposing a carbon tax will not do a bloody thing for clean air or the environment. All it does is make doing business in Canada too expensive, thus driving companies out of the country to others whose environmental policies aren't so bloody worthless and so economically devastating! And it'll effectively destroy Alberta's oil industry, forcing us to depend on oil from the Axis of Evil nations, who, by the way, will be boosting their own supposedly-climate-change-causing greenhouse gas emissions all the while...

Of course, I think it's easy for Toronto moonbats to not care about the economy... as long as it's Alberta's, and not Ontario's, that will be at risk. How about slapping a carbon tax on Ontario's filthy, heavily-emitting coal-burning electric power generators? Never happen! Screw the moonbats of Toronto! (Not literally- you don't know who they've already been "screwing"!)

I'm convinced that the greedy, sinister characters responsible for the Great Global Warming Swindle actually are uber-leftwing extremists who hate the Free World and will do anything it takes, not matter how insane, to hurt it.

Now, what is Canada's New Government doing? If you've had your eyes open as well as your mind, you'd know. They're taking concrete action via legislation to actually effect reduced consumption and emissions. And they're doing it without putting our economy... and our jobs/livelihoods at risk. Unlike the left, who just want to mess around with money, money, money!

What does the crazy left want, that Canada be thrown into the next Great Depression while the rest of the world lives high on the hog and the climate stays pretty much the same for the next several thousand years?

The left is crazy. Calling someone "grumpy" just because they make a sarcastic remark out of frustration at leftwing stupidity and insanity isn't "grumpy". It's a natural reaction of disgust with stupid, insane moonbats. At least Mr. Jean is calm and composed, unlike the moonbats when they don't like what we're doing. Besides, how often does the TS label leftists as "hysterical"? I'd like to see a passage in which they labelled Svend Robinson or Sheila Copps as "hysterical". But I won't hold my breath.

There's no doubt that the Toronto Star is a part of what we refer to as the "unhinged left".

At least it can be used as emergency toilet paper when you run out of the "Charmin". So keep a stack of 'em behind the crapper just in case. Oh, and remember to put something worthy of being read in there, too. Like a comic book or a Playboy or something... the TS will just annoy and appall you so much your hiney hole'll tighten up and your visit to the throne'll be in vain!