Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Jihadists Are Here. Waging Jihad On Our Blogs.

Story here. It's credible, based on MEMRI research findings.

Islamic terrorists are engaged in a "media jihad" in which they encourage jihadists to pose online as Americans to foster anti-war sentiment in the U.S.

According to the Middle East Media Research Institute, or MEMRI, a posting on the Al-Mohajroon Islamist website with the username Al-Wathig Billah provides instructions on how to infiltrate popular American Internet forums and use them to distribute jihad films and spread anti-war sentiments.

"Our experience shows that such instructions often yield compliance," Eli Alshech, director of the Jihad and Terrorism Project at MEMRI, told WND.

The instructions direct jihadists to "raid non-political forums and trivia forums which American people favor."

This doesn't surprise me. I've encountered some quite bizarre characters whom I suspect of being such jihadists as described at the link.

Some even emailed me to discuss some of my posts, and I had gotten the distinct feeling that they weren't who they claimed. I did some investigation, tracking them however I could, and saw compelling evidence that, indeed, they may well have been some low-level jihadist pawns. Granted, I've never had a definitive "smoking gun" as to this, but for certain they're either some truly disturbed moonbat trolls or actual jihadists. One even went on to start a blog in which he self-identified as a jihadist from Saudi Arabia. But the same individual had also claimed to be an Israeli Jew previously. The error he made that tipped me off was the fact that he didn't bother to change his email address! If these are jihadists, they're quite daft.

Then again, leftists/liberals are quite daft as we well know, and the jihadists are going online to manipulate these folks into hating America, hating the soldiers, opposing liberation operations and supporting the overall Islamic agenda.

It's one way the jihadists are promoting and spreading Islam. It's slickly insidious enough to fool the average lefist/liberal, particularly youths amongst them.

We can fight back. One way is to deny them an opportunity to be read by not posting their comments if we use moderation. I currently am getting nonsense comments from someone who's either a radical leftist nutcase or even a jihadist pretending to be a "conservative" and uttering the very same conservative sentiments he must've picked up while lurking about the blogosphere. Just drivel. And frequently off-topic. Something tips me off, something this stupid idiot overlooked... which proves to me that it isn't a "conservative" commentor, but rather an impostor. What they're doing here, I can only speculate. But I can assure my readers that they will fail. I've caught many different undesirables and deleted them immediately. Including some quite sophisticated ones whom I later chose to terminate.

I've even received a couple of comments from someone claiming to be William Sampson, the English-Canadian man who was wrongfully accused and tortured by the Saudis. I just found it impossible to believe it was Sampson. Why on earth would he know immediately the moment I do a post about him? And why would he basically come off as an apologist for the Islamic fascists and rip into Canada, not to mention claiming his case and that of Maher Arar are the same, which they aren't? I also was astonished that he wasn't pissed that Arar is so exalted while he's so forgotten by the left. And the way he wrote- didn't sound like the writing of an Englishman at all. It, in fact, was familiar, reminding me of a different commentor/emailer, and to me, could have easily come from an Islamist, the likes of which is discussed at the link.

I've been detecting patterns in terms of various traffic specifics and locational origins. Granted, they might be nothing, but they have more than one thing in common, despite being scattered all over the world, though particularly scattered across America. And the things they have in common are quite disturbing, as they add up to something wholly implausible and bizzare, plus they came at pretty much the same time over the course of several days... but at this time I won't say what are the common denominators. Don't want to tip them off. But it was quite chilling to see the specific nature of the patterns there. So far, I have come up with only one analysis. No other analysis is coming to me yet. It's just too unusual, too abnormal.

And, no, I didn't make this up. It's the truth. And I don't care what the left will say about me due to this post. Who in their right mind cares what the left says, anyway? I used to care, but after a lifetime of getting nothing but burned by believing liberals who didn't know what they were talking about, even though they seemed to be sure of what they said, I finally realized that I couldn't go on listening to those idiots. They get burned by their dogmae and delusions, but they never come to realize that their brainless ideology is the problem, choosing instead to blame others for things that go wrong, like non-leftists, Bush, Harper, Jews, Christians, conservatives, Israel, etc. I'm so glad I was able to wake up and leave the left. And I haven't regretted it since.

I'd like to put forth the following message to our enemies:

We know you're here. We know what you're doing. We know/suspect things about you.

You will fail. Islam will fail. Whatever your ideology, if you're an enemy of the Free World, you will fail.

Yes, there are some rather stupid, weak ones amongst us. But don't assume anything. You really ought to be afraid, to look over your shoulder.

We will resist. And we will beat you. Like we've always beaten you in the past, or don't you know about that? We beat you in the Crusades. We beat you in 1967.

You think we've become weak, lazy. Go ahead with your delusion. Fools.