Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Reforming the State Apparatus

It's about time we got to work on the overall state apparatus, which, despite the fact that Conservatives are in power, is still effectively controlled by leftist forces, owing to years and years of countless appointments and hirings of Liberal Party loyalists hellbent on the pushing of the Liberal-leftwing agenda.

Of course, this doesn't mean anything radical. We aren't going to do anything the Liberals haven't already gotten away with.

Look, we were elected. This means our agenda for Canada has been approved via democratic action by the Canadian people. This entails that the state apparatus must thus be constructed so as to facilitate, not frustrate, the agenda chosen by the Canadian people.

The Canadian people have given us the mandate to do this.

So, Liberals, leftists, the MSM, etc., all you non-Conservatives: don't bother complaining. This is the way it works. In fact, this is the way you want it to work. When you were in power, you did it all the time. You stubbornly resisted implorations from us to make the state apparatus non-partisan. So you cannot complain.

The state apparatus will therefore be constructed so as to facilitate, not frustrate, the job of the duly, democratically-elected and accountable New Government of Canada.

It's what Canadians chose. It's their right to have it all go the way they voted.

Isn't democracy wonderful?

Let's get to work!