Wednesday, October 14, 2009


That's what the Left is now calling Obama.

They're right. Obama whines a lot. Especially about "right-wingers". Guess he'll have to start whining about his own ilk now.

Also, Ralph Nader is calling Obama "A serious disappointment".

“Somehow he doesn’t want to associate with people who represent the millions of people who elected him in the first place,” Nader says, adding that unless Obama changes his ways, the Democrats will be the minority party in Congress in 2010.

According to Nader, the Nobel committee “certainly cheapened the peace prize” when they awarded it to Obama. “Nine months into his presidency, he’s bombing Afghanistan, there are roughly the same number of soldiers in Iraq, he’ll probably increase the number of soldiers in Afghanistan, and he’s a Bush/Cheney redux in terms of military and foreign speeches — albeit with better speeches toward the Muslim world — and they give him the peace prize,” Nader notes.