Thursday, October 15, 2009

U.S. Judge Endangers Life Of Teen Girl

Rifqa Bary, whose life is threatened by family enraged that she left Islam for Christianity.

Her family, who are Islamic fundamentalists, are required by Islam to kill her for her apostasy.

That didn't stop the judge from ordering her to return to the state she fled for her life, making way for continuing legal wrangling to have her returned to the people who want to kill her.

Story here.

Hmm... I wonder what Obama thinks of this? What does he think of the possibility and probability of an Islamic clan murdering a girl for exercising her human rights and doing something Islam forbids?

Geller: Rifqa Bary is a teenage apostate. She escaped her devout Muslim home when her parents were advised by members of their extremist mosque that Rifqa had converted to Christianity.

Rifqa Bary’s father threatened to kill her if “she had this Jesus” in her heart. And so she ran away to Florida, as far away as she could get, and stayed with sympathetic Christians. She has since been placed in foster care, and the battle rages on to get this young woman to return to her devout Muslim family and Muslim community. Having spoken to many apostates in the States, living as a Christian in a devout Muslim household is not an option, despite her father’s dubious assertions.

There have already been numerous "honor killings" in America and in the rest of the Free World, as well as in the Islamic World. You see, Islamists frequently import their violent, murderous worldview along with themselves, and are actually seen exercising their old, barbaric ways in violation of the laws of their adopted countries.

So there is empirical precedent to be considered in determining whether there is a significant, real and present danger that Rifqa Bary will be harmed or murdered, not necessarily by her family, but by other fundamentalist Muslims who hate, with a murderous zeal, anyone who apostates from Islam.

Oops! Did I just violate the principles of multiculturalism and political correctness by doing this post? Uh-oh... I smell the CAIR-Can... I betcha they're on the phone with Liberal Fascist Commissar Jennifer Lynch as we speak...