Sunday, October 04, 2009

PM Cooly Tickles The Ivories

Yup. Stephen Harper. Plays piano. Sings. In Canada. I didn't make this up.

Another "scary" thing he's done! OMG! Ahhhh! Yo-Yo Ma!

And he didn't make a fool of himself like leftist politicians do. No offensive jokes or brainless remarks. And he doesn't take his shirt off like Obama and Putin do.

Got a standing-O.

Poor Obama. He can't get it up anymore, and, lo and behold, that snow-monkey Harper guy up there somewhere thataway where it's cold and where they drink beer, eat donuts and play hockey, is making him look uncool...

Now, listen, Obama... see, Stephen is cool. You'd best take lessons from him on how to be cool. 'Cause Commies ain't cool, man!

As for Billy Clinton, hey, Billy, Stephen keeps his pants on!

Yup. Stephen Harper's cool, and has self-control. Of course, leftists will find that "scary". Anyone who's not terminally flawed and hopelessly screwed-up and mentally-disordered is, in their view, "scary".

Since he's looking so cool now, playing piano, count on the leftists to attack him for that, like they attacked him for simply looking cool in a sweater. Those leftists, they're just jealous. Since leftists aren't cool, they're jealous of conservatives, most of whom are cool.

Betcha they'll also try to say that somehow looking cool whilst playing piano is proof that he's got a "hidden agenda". They'll probably also try to claim that there's a hidden, subtle anti-IffyIggy attack ad in there somewhere, delicately intermeshed within the music, designed to affect the subconscious of the masses and make 'em vote Conservative...

Speaking of IffyIggy, what's he done to be cool?