Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Libs 'Have Others Fishing In Their Electoral Pond'

...thus spake The Duff.
"I kind of feel sorry for Mr. Ignatieff. I think he is a decent person, I think he is a sincere person, but the Liberals have to get their act together," he said.


"The Conservative party, which I joined in January, has moved to the middle of the road and are fishing in Michael Ignatieff's pond. The Conservatives now occupy the centre," he said.
A bit too kind to Iffy, I think, 'cause Iffy's hardly being "sincere" in his job as Liberal spokesman, unable to be his true self.

Of course, that's because "The Right" is actually "The Center". Because the mainstream Canadian is actually "right-wing", whether they realize it or not. Just look at their responses to direct, unambiguous questions on various specific issues in serious poll after serious poll (no "push polls" by the dishonest, manipulative Left). For example, when asked very carefully and unambiguously, Canadians, in the majority, say they don't want "more social programs", but rather want the budget to be balanced, for spending to be more carefully controlled and don't want taxes to ever go up again. If that doesn't make Canadians "right-wing", then nothing does.

Really, today there's no "Center"; it's mythical. There's just what's old-fashionedly dubbed the "Right" and "Left". And since the "Right" is represented by the mainstream, the majority, the "Right" is now what was once called the "Center". There is no "Right" as delusionally imagined by the Far Left (ie. there's no goosestepping genocidal maniacs or anything like that in Canada, save for a ridiculously tiny bunch of fringe-element weirdoes wearing jackboots and being shaven-headed, ie. the folks the likes of whom Warren Kinsella hunts in public bathrooms and writes paranoid, laughter-promoting books about, and of whom the "Human Rights" Commissions delusionally believe are massive and rapidly growing in number, when the truth couldn't be further away from their delusion).

In other words, really, there's really no political "Right" anymore, no party representing the "Right" (as the Left insanely dreams about it being, that is). There's just the "Center" and the "Far Left". And, make no mistake, the Liberal Party, despite its centrist leader Ignatieff, is chock full of hard-and-far left-wingers such as desperately-wannabe-leader Bob Rae).

Hmm... admittedly that's all a little hard to follow... we really gotta do away with "left, right, center" already! It's a stupid, ludicrously simplistic way to describe such a complex matter! Personally, I find it hard to explain, 'cause it's so bloody complex, and I realize that simply throwing around those three labels is rather awkward and ought to be forbidden in polite society.

Let's just have a pigeonholing war of words that doesn't include the artifical "political spectrum", ok? Much simpler!

How about just using two terms, ie. "moderates" and "extremists"? Ie. the careful, common-sense-minded Conservatives are the moderates, whereas all socialism-wanting parties are "extremist".

For example, I, a Conservative voter only, am a "moderate", whereas those who always only vote Liberal, NDP, Bloc, Green, Communist, Marxist-Leninist, Bum-Bouncers, Marijuana, Sex Party, etc., are "extremists", or are at least otherwise-common-sense-minded folks fooled by the extremists into voting for them rather than for the Conservatives.

The Liberals have apparently been taken over by the Far Left, much as have the American Democratic Party and, it now appears, even the Republican Party. The Far Leftists in the Liberal Party, such as infamous destroyer of Ontario's economy and fiscal health, Bob Rae, most prominently, are working furiously around the clock to undermine the Far Right Ignatieff, the poor fellow who suddenly finds it impossible to be true to himself, to be who he is, and having to spew Far Left talking points pushed at him by, amongst others, his very own propaganda attack clown, Warren Kinsella.

I understand The Duff also said that the Greens are fishing in the Liberal pond as well (Maz2 via the Comments- link didn't work, but the guy's properly scrupulous, so I'll take his word for it).

Hmm... maybe the Far Left didn't "take over" the LPC. Maybe they're trying to destroy the LPC from inside as well as outside... Perhaps the Far Left wants to eliminate the "center" so as to polarize the choices, as in America between the GOP and Demmies, so as to actually win power in the future as did the Obamacrats (though they misrepresented themselves big-time, withholding specifics, hiding behind brainless slogans like "hope" and "change", just like the Far Leftist Hitler did to get elected, not mentioning his own real, hidden agenda of change, either).