Monday, October 12, 2009

Liberals' Latest Cranky Conspiracy Theory

"Conservative Attack Machine".


I read about the mythical (and obviously non-existent) "Republican Attack Machine" of the last American Presidential Election campaign in Ann Coulter's "Guilty". It was a conspiracy theory of the Obama-Democrat folks and, to a lesser extent, the Big Media.

It's hilarious. Or should I say, "Hillary-ous", to highlight the conspiracy-theorizing aspect?

Those Liberals are crazy.

There is no "Conservative Attack Machine". Come on, Liberals. You don't need another nasty nickname, as "Librano$$$" is bad enough. What, you want to be called "attack machiners"? You can join the truthers in your paranoid conspiracy theorizing and make yourselves look like fringe-element cranks and crackpots, lunatics, racists, teabaggers, Astroturfers, whatever...

There is, however, on the other side, the CBC, CTV, The Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, The Telegraph Journal, etc., etc... And, of course, Warren "The Catmeat-Minded Attack Clown" Kinsella, Mark Holland, Marlene Jennings... Now, if there's anything coming close to being an "attack machine", the Liberals have got one!

When will the Liberals just admit that they have a problem... actually, many solvable problems which make them unappealing and toxic to voters? Sheesh... they're like David Hasselhoff, the hardcore alcoholic- he denies he has a problem despite always being taken to the ER for alcohol poisoning...

You know, the Democrats/Obamites were always warning about the "Republican Attack Machine", but we know full well that there was no such thing. If there was, John McCain would be President and Sarah Palin Vice-President. If there was a "Republican Attack Machine", then all Americans would know that Obama's a racist, isn't a natural-born American (and therefore isn't legally President), is connected to all kinds of dangerous extremists, including domestic and Islamic terrorists, racists, communists, etc...

There was never a "Republican Attack Machine", as the Obamacrats claimed so often there supposedly was. And there's no "Conservative Attack Machine", either.

The only thing making the Liberals unappealing to the electorate is the Liberals and the Liberal Party itself. Look in the mirror, guys- it's all YOU!

Conspiracy theorism lunacy won't help the Liberals at all.