Friday, October 09, 2009

Jobs Come Roaring Back In Canada

Looks like the Harper Conservatives have done a good job in combating the recession.

This was the second consecutive month of employment gains.

There was more good news - actual hours worked increased by 1.6 per cent.

More impressive, the agency said 91,600 full-time jobs were added in September, more than offsetting the 61,000 loss in part-time employment.

This reverses the pattern observed most of the past year as employers cut back by first reducing full-time workers to part-time status.

"This is the sound an economy makes when an economy recovers," said Douglas Porter, deputy chief economist at BMO Capital Markets.

Funny, I thought the Liberals said the Harper Conservatives have screwed up the economy and haven't done enough? Guess the Liberals were just being assholes, as usual, and telling nasty lies about the Harper Conservatives.

The Liberals also said that most of the "stimulus" funds had not been spent. Well, if that's true, then it would prove that there never was any need for the "stimulus" deficit spending in the first place, so the Leftist Opposition was wrong late last year to force the Tories to do it (the Tories weren't going to do it in the first place) or else face the dangerous prospect of an undemocratic coup by those far-left lunatics of the Liberal, NDP and Bloc Quebecois parties.