Monday, October 05, 2009

IggyIffy Post Of The Morning

Iffy playing (?) the fool

Hypocrisy courtesy of the King of Flipfloppery

Blah, blah, blah... Warren Katmeat Kinsella's talking points, most likely. Meh. Poor player. Strut. Fret. Idiot. Sound. Fury. Signifying nothing.

Also... Libs' Quebec problems may hurt 'em nationally

"We're going to hell in a hand basket. This is like the time just before the election of 1988, with [John] Turner," said one Liberal MP who spoke to The Hill Times on condition of anonymity.

The MP said Mr. Ignatieff's staff has limited political experience, which is why the dispute with Mr. Coderre was so clumsily handled, and the leader has done a poor job of reaching out to experienced people who know the ridings the party is trying to target.

"These people do not know the communities. If you don't know the communities and you don't know the people on the ground then you reach out to people who do know them. Unfortunately they haven't reached out to people," said the MP.

Tch. Tch. Tch. This is what happens when Big Smokin' Toranners try to take care of stuff in Quebec, a province they know nothing about.

No-balls Mickey
"They knew about this problem in Quebec in that particular riding and it should have been dealt with then. Ignatieff had plenty of opportunity to discuss this with Coderre and make the decision....They did have a conversation and Ignatieff did give him the blessing to go ahead and then he crumbled."
(Emphasis mine)

No-balls Mickey IggyIffy crumbled. Crumbled!

Poor babies.

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