Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Geert Wilders Victorious Over Dhimmi UK Gov't

Geert Wilders, left, and some of the hateful, murder-minded Islamic supremacists he "offended" by simply telling the inconvenient truth about them. The court has restored his rights and freedoms, which the dhimmi Brown Labour government of the UK stole from him to appease the supremacists.

Story here.

It took eight months, nearly $16,000 in legal fees, and the perseverance of a Muslim lawyer, but the British government has been overruled in its notorious decision this February to ban Dutch politician Geert Wilders from entering the country.

In a decision with important implications for free speech, London’s Asylum and Immigration Tribunal yesterday ruled that the British Home Office, under the authority of former home secretary Jacqui Smith, was wrong to turn Wilders away when he arrived in Heathrow airport this February to screen his anti-Islam documentary, “Fitna,” for the British parliament.

Jacqui Smith, submissive-to-Islamic-supremacists censor of inconvenient truth. The very same brainless dhimmi who also banned American talk radio host Michael Savage for the same "offence" of telling the inconvenient truth about hateful Islamic supremacists.

Depicting Wilders as a threat to the public, the Home Office had used a 2006 law that allowed for the exclusion of those who represent “a genuine, present and sufficiently serious threat affecting one of the fundamental interests of society.” At the time, Wilders protested that his expulsion was an outrageous violation of free speech and vowed to fight the ban. With the support of his legal team – including a British Muslim lawyer, Arfan Khan – and the backing of the immigration tribunal, Wilders seems to have won the fight.

The ban was always a scandal – and a hypocritical scandal at that. While the Home Office claimed that Wilders’s presence had the potential to “threaten community harmony and therefore public safety,” the unspoken but deeply relevant reality was that the threat came not from Wilders but from Islamic extremists who already resided in the UK.
Clearly it's dhimmis such as Jacqui Smith who, along with those kufrphobic, supremacist, imperialist, khalifascist, murder-obsessed Islamists whom she brainlessly, traitorously appeases out of nothing but ultra-far-left-wing political correctness.

The far left really does submit to those Islamic supremacists, don't they?

It's far more dangerous than appeasing, say, filthy, evil, also-dangerous neo-Nazis/white supremacists, because the Islamic supremacists are far, far greater in number, in financing, in organization... and will very soon, thanks to fools like Barack Hussein Obama, himself born a Muslim and not known to have apostated (Why doesn't he unequivocally declare to the world that he's an apostate and quit lying about being a Christian? Oh, of course... because he's not an apostate, and is practicing Taqiyya, lying in the interest of Islam, pretending to be a non-scary, far-left "Christian" to fool the kufrs of America), have the capacity to create mushroom clouds in the very neighborhoods in which their suicidal appeasors live!

It's unfortunate that the Big Old Media refuses to enlighten itself as to the real and present threat from supremacist, imperialist Islam and warn the People about it. Unfortunately, they're too obsessed about warning us about the imaginary threat posed by JudeoChristians, "American imperialism", Israel, "right-wing extremists", Republicans, Sarah Palin, FOX News, the Drudge Report, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Global Warming, you name the silly phobias of the Big Old Media...