Tuesday, July 25, 2006

More Iraq WMD Evidence

Thanks to Maz2 in the comments, I bring the following:


Excerpt from the translation:

Subject: We have information about the location of the Weapons of Mass Destruction

In the day of 10 Mouharam before the coalition forces started the war on Iraq, 50 trucks for land transportation entered Syria on an intermittent convoy. I met some of the drivers and they did not know what they carried in these trucks. These trucks were loaded from an unknown location in Baghdad and was brought to the drivers and the Iraqi Intelligence was with them. Each time they crossed a certain distance, the Iraqi Intelligence stopped them and asked them what are they carrying and their answer was we do not know. And when these trucks arrived to Syria in the area of Deir Al Zour the drivers were taken out of their trucks and the Syrian Intelligence ride instead. These trucks were entered into large warehouses and when these trucks were emptied it was given back to the Iraqi drivers. And they were given a reward worth of 200 dollars for the safety of arrival. One of the drivers mentioned to me that this was second time they carry these secrets loads and the first time was 1 Mouharam.

I have a friend in Syria who works in a Syrian company as partner with a Syrian merchant. This person is an Iraqi ex-Consul in the Iraqi embassies and he resigned from the diplomatic circle and he has strong connection with the Iraqi Embassy in Syria and he knows all the Iraqi Intelligence and those knows that I work for the Iraqi opposition in Syria. I was visiting him daily during this period to find out the important news. When the trucks entered Syria I went to him and told him that Iraqi Weapons entered Syria so he said to me who told you that and I said to him I knew from my sources, and he told me to keep this confidential and not tell anyone because it indeed entered.

Yet more reason to believe there were WMDs in Iraq before the war began. This adds to other recent evidence we've heard of WMDs being in Iraq.

It astonishes me that there are still many who doggedly believe that it's impossible that Iraq had WMDs just because the exalted "weapons inspectors" didn't happen to find any.

So the weapons inspectors didn't find any. So? Does this prove there weren't any? Of course not!

Hmm... I wonder if any of Saddam's former WMDs are being used by Hezbollah to attack Israel? After all, Syria has been caught red-handed transporting WMDs to Lebanon recently.

To the left: I say if you say Saddam didn't have WMDs, then I say that Pamela Anderson didn't have any work done on her weapons of mass distraction (her boobies).