Friday, April 07, 2006

Sheikh Gilani and JuF: The Picture Becomes Clearer Still

Based on this source: click here. There's much, much more and it's worth reading!

(Emphasis mine)
SHEIKH GILANI found his first American recruits by raiding the ranks of an existing American Muslim organization, the Dar ul Islam. At a Brooklyn mosque, Gilani, sporting ammunition belts, preached Islam as the path to a better life and called for fighters to join the holy war against the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. Under the guise of studying Islam, some of his followers were initiated into the international Islamist movement. Their campaign of crime on U.S. soil began almost at once.

One must ask what was with the ammunition belts.

So that's how he started it all. Why, he sounds a hell of a lot like his leader Osama Bin Laden. It's as if he's emulating the chief evildoer.

FUQRA'S violence gained wider public notice in 1989, when police, seeking evidence in a series of thefts, searched a storage locker in Colorado Springs. They found a remarkable trove of armaments and documents, with multiple links to Fuqra.


Among the documents were agreements signed by Fuqra members. They promised to tithe to the organization and to further contribute to the purchase of weapons and land. Those receiving welfare "pledged" to contribute either 75 percent or 100 percent of their welfare checks and food stamps. And they stated, "I, too, am willing to be used as a channel through which kuffar [infidel] monies are contributed toward the building of an Islamic town and other allied cities and/or programmes outside the continental United States, as well." Individuals selected to live on compounds agreed to "abide by the law and discipline of Jamaatul Fuqra."

(Instead of the laws of America and of Canada, where they lived-- Ed. by Canadian Sentinel)

Several documents described the activities and code of the "Muhammad Commandos of Sector 5," who apparently met for training in weapons, hand-to-hand combat, intelligence gathering, explosives, incendiaries, and booby traps, according to Susan M. Fenger, then chief criminal investigator of the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, who handled the case. And a document headed "Incogs" instructed commandos on ways of blending in with infidels while on an operation.

Yep... they do sound like a peaceful bunch, indeed!

Read it all for yourself. The amount contained at this link of damning information against the Sheikh and against Jamaat ul Fuqra and its front organizations is bloody staggering! Prepare some sort of a drink, make yourself comfortable and read the details for yourself.

Are we getting enough information via the MSM about this and other terrorist threats within our borders? Do the MSM tell us enough? Do they make sure we take notice, or do they tend to bury it underneath the fluff about celebrities like Ms. Paris Hilton and her little doggie and such?

I mean, do the MSM understand what's important and what's not?