Sunday, August 09, 2009

The George Soros-AP Connection

Far-Left propaganda from the AP, courtesy of George Soros's money and influence?

In today's wacky, weird, bizarre world, well...

JERUSALEM – The Associated Press is delivering to its subscribing 1,500 American newspapers content, it has emerged, penned by groups with financing from philanthropist George Soros and another far-leftist billionaire who not only campaigned for President Obama but also topped donor lists to groups like ACORN and

The AP announced last month it will allow its subscribers to publish free of charge work by four nonprofit groups, the Center for Public Integrity, the Investigative Reporting Workshop at American University, the Center for Investigative Reporting and ProPublica.

It gets more entertaining...

Controversial Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., a friend of President Obama who was embroiled in a recent national race scandal, sits on the board of ProPublica. The group defines itself as "an independent, non-profit newsroom that produces investigative journalism in the public interest."

ProPublica was founded with a $10 million yearly grant from Herbert and Marion Sandler, the former chief executives of the Golden West Financial Corporation, which was one of the nation's largest mortgage lenders and savings and loans. The Sandlers last year sold their business to the Wachovia Corporation for about $26 billion, a deal which valued their personal shares at about $2.4 billion.

The Sandlers are major donors to the Democratic Party and are top funders of ACORN,, the American Civil Liberties Union and other far-leftist groups like Human Rights Watch.

See where your "news" and "information" has been coming from lately, if you depend on the Big Media? Got bias? Driven by agenda? Beholden to the Man Behind the Curtain?

Guess we simply must, from now on, take anything uttered by the AP with a grain of salt. But I believe many of us have already come to realize this. This discovery only serves to validate our hunches, which are borne of obviously biased reporting.

Boy-o-boy... Obama's puppetmaster sure knows how to control stuff...