Friday, August 28, 2009

Crazy Conspiracy Theorists, Racists & Communists Want To Control Communications

No kidding. This is obvious if you read this. And if you think for yourself.

I just can't believe these Leftists are obsessed with the race of those who own the Big Media. What the hell does it matter to them, the color of the skin of folks who own the media? They're just racist!

And isn't it telling about the bias of Duke University that they recommend "redistributing income" to make communications more ethnically diverse in terms of ownership? This is so Hard-Left.

Obviously, the FCC was, even under (the admittedly disappointing, turned-out-to-be-a-RINO) Bush, Hard-Left, and Duke University is as well.

Today, the situation apparently is no different. A 2007 report commissioned by the FCC and conducted by researchers from Duke University found that while minority ownership had increased slightly, the reasons for the disparity between minority and white ownership remained.
“Since the observed ownership asymmetries are economy-wide, they are undoubtedly linked to broad systemic factors,” the report said. “[T[he most direct explanation lies in unequal access to capital. Many businesses require individuals to sink substantial financial investments upon entry. This is likely to be especially true in media enterprises.”

The only way to change this, the 2007 report said, was to redistribute wealth or increase minorities’ access to capital markets. The report did not mention license terms, renewal procedures, or ascertainment.

“[I]n order to change ownership patterns we need to either change the aggregate distribution of wealth or otherwise increase access to capital markets,” said the report.
Redistribution of wealth. Or "increase access to capital markets". Oh, do they mean via policies such as those that intimidated the banks into providing mortgage loans (ie. Freddy Mac/Fannie Mae-style) to people who couldn't afford to repay them? That infamous policy that brought down the American and world economy just a few months ago? Again, the Leftist nonsense about "diversity" coupled with communism. Who'd dare say that we can't use communism and state fascism to increase "diversity" in whatever realm? Naturally, folks are more afraid of being accused of being "racist" than of being accused of being "right-wing".

Hard-Left, racist, communist. Just like Obama's conspiracy-theory-nutcase FCC "Diversity" Guy, Mark Lloyd.

These Leftists- they care more about skin color and income equality than about unbiased communications. They really want the state to gain greater and greater control of communications, citing the supposed need to "achieve greater racial diversity in terms of ownership" as the important thing.

This in addition to the fact that the "white-owned" Big Media, other than FOX News, of course, is already biased and totally in favor of THE AGENDA (Obama's and the Democrats' agenda, that is)... extremely biased in a Hard-Left way. So I suspect that any laws passed based on these bizarre delusions as we've just read about would really end up being used for the purpose of bashing FOX News for daring to report the inconvenient truths about Obama, the Democrats and the Left in general. What will happen is that the state apparatus will accuse FOX News of "not having enough minorities" and such stuff to single them out for punishment that would end up taking away their ability to report without bias. It's complicated, but with enough communist intellectuals and strategists coming up with ways to do it, and with loyal-Leftist state apparatchiks already all over the place, ready to do their part to impose, impose, impose... it can certainly happen.

What's really going on is the racist, communist, fascist Hard Left is pursuing its obsession with controlling the dissemination of "news" and opinion so as to gain better control over the perceptions of the People, to reduce potential for dissent and to manufacture consent for THE AGENDA.

The people being appointed all over the Obama Regime all appear to be extreme Hard-Left radical, revolutionary activists.

Is THE AGENDA about a revolution something along the lines of what we witnessed in Russia in 1917, with Mao in China, with Hitler in Germany, with Castro in Cuba, with Chavez in Venezuela??? Every country's revolution is different. But one thing is for certain, and it's that it involves some form of national socialism and a lot of fascism. And we've, in the past few months, already seen a lot of evidence of this crap already being imposed...