Monday, August 24, 2009

Now, This Is Wasteful Spending


ht: Drudge Report

It's pure crap, I'd bet, like the Kinsey bullshit.

No wonder the Left is taking the Peoples' money to give to whatever sort of folks conduct such unnecessary "studies".

Why not have folks study the various types of farts and how much laughter each inspires... on the taxpayers' dimes, too? I'm sure they could come up with some teleprompter-provided nonsense to justify its "usefulness". Yep, knowing which farts are the funniest is a public good and puts people to work studying human anal gaseous emissions. Real productive. I swear the Russians would have a good laugh at this nonsense, just as they're laughing for sure at the ridiculous sex studies. This is where Obama's spending Americans' money- on useless silliness, whilst Russia spends Russians' money on building a military machine to enable her to attack America one day, catching her with her pants down...

Leave it to the Left to take the Peoples' money and blow it on worthless nothings.

It's just redistribution from the People to the Left's cronies. It's no different from mugging, except these muggers give the money to their buddies, in exchange for votes and other forms of support.

Just like the Liberals in Canada.

Leftists... they're all alike. They promise to "take care of the needy", but they don't.

They take care of their own.

They're crooks!