Wednesday, August 26, 2009

APA Gets Blasted For Associating With Pedophilia Advocate

The American Psychological Association (APA) has a political policy of denying therapy to persons involved in homosexuality who seek therapy to convert to heterosexuality. This political position is not based on any scientific foundation and is purely ideological, purely politically correct in nature.

Now it's come to light that the APA is associated with a psychologist who promotes pedophilia.

"That is absolutely obscene, and this man should not be treated as a serious researcher in the academy,"

"This is the most sinister sexual perversion because it preys on innocent children," he adds. "We need to make it clear that sex between adults and children is wrong and will not be encouraged by employment at these organizations."

The pedophilia-advocating psychologist reminds me of Alfred C. Kinsey, the exposed-as-a-total-fraud, criminally insane, sadistic zoologist who sparked the so-called "Sexual Revolution".

One must, in light of this, wonder just how corrupt the APA has become. We must realize that all organizations are vulnerable to corruption. All of them, all types, no exceptions. And corruption can be insidious, creeping, subtle at first, and can grow unchecked, undetected, undeterred, and can eventually compromise an organization to the point that the only solution is dissolution.

Members of organizations like the APA have a strong self-interest in not "rocking the boat" by dissenting from the Party Line, so it's no surprise they simply go along with the flow of things, not caring about corruption, right/wrong, ethics, morals, only caring about being able to make a financially gainful living by practicing under the umbrella of their professional association. Much like the UN's IPCC and the 2,000-odd, money-on-the-mind "scientists" who simply signed their name to a piece of paper, most likely without scrupulously satisfying themselves that the outrageous statement on the piece of paper is properly, scientifically substantiated.