Monday, August 17, 2009

Glenn Beck Fans Fight Back Against Obamite Stormtroops
Van Jones, enviro-fascist, communist and racist, at right, and Obama, who appointed him, one of a large group of radical left-wing extremists appointed by Obama, now running America into the ground. It's clear that Obama knows exactly the kind of folks he's appointing- they're all ultra-extreme leftists and worse.

Story here.
A damn good read.

The story mentions that another Obama "czarist" appointee, the "Green Jobs Czar" guy, Van Jones, is a racist and a communist. Just like, yup, Obama.

You see, the Obamite stormtroopers somehow managed to manipulate the perceptions of some of Beck's show's advertisers and got them to withdraw their sponsorship.

Exactly like Hitler's Brownshirts pressured customers to boycott Jewish businesses:

(Betcha the Obamites would like to have such spiffy uniforms as the guys above, with the hats and the jackboots, instead of the yukky purple shirts they have to wear when they beat up dissidents)

Well, the fans are striking back and the thugs with their own website,

The American People are fighting back at the Leftist Stormtroopers all the time now.

You know, the jig's up!

The American People have had enough of the Nazi-like tactics of the Far Left and the Obama-Democratic Regime.

I don't think the Left saw this coming. They must've been expecting the People to remain stupid, dazed and confused and just go along with the propaganda.

But the People have awaken, stood up and spoken out.

And the Left is shocked, doesn't know what to do. So they act like Hitler's Sturmabteilungen, or "Brownshirt" thugs.

Well, they're being pushed back. Hard. Because these hateful extremist racist communist fascists are treading upon the American People. Don't they know they're not supposed to tread on America?