Monday, August 31, 2009

Paranoid Dem Congressman Demands ID Of Questioner

Video here. Link fixed now! Sorry about that. Brainfart in the AM. Couldn't fix it on a work pc!

New tactic? Accusing Americans of not being who they claim they are and demanding proof that they are.

Hey! Why don't they demand proof from Obama that he was born in the USA, so as to be satisfied that he's constitutionally eligible to be the President, and not an impostor?

Why don't they demand Obama show them his real, original, paper, long-form birth certificate, thust proving his American-soil birth, as required by the Constitution to be President, else they'll refuse to accept his authority?

Assholes. Double standard practitioners. They don't trust honest Americans, but they excuse the pathologically dishonest Obama every time.

Throw the bums out.

Why the hell should Americans tolerate these elitist assholes who won't trust them?

The elitist assholes are expected to serve Americans, but the assholes apparently believe that Americans are there to serve them. How delusional. Time to send them home and replace them with real servants of the people.

Dogs would be a vast improvement over these gosh-darned assholes in fancy suits!

At least dogs are loyal to their masters.

Most Congress and Senate members are only loyal to the Almighty Buck and to promises of ever-increasing power for themselves personally. They really don't give a shit about the American People, nor about the Constitution, Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights.

Come on, my American friends, throw the bums out next year!