Saturday, August 29, 2009

'Honor Killing' Is Terrorism

Commentary here.

(...) honour killing kills the deceased and threatens others. An honour killing uses violence as theatre to intimidate others. It stands to enforce a sexual code of conduct by violence and threats.

An honour killing is part of an organized effort to subjugate women to a specific and oppressive view of society. Although the total number of honour killings in Canada is still relatively small, probably less than 50 in total to date, the impact on the community as a whole is huge. When compared to a worldwide figure of perhaps 5,000 honour killing a year the implied threat is heightened.

But numbers alone do not tell the story. Even at its height, the number of lynchings in the American South was fairly small (probably less than 100 a year) but the intimidation huge. Southern blacks knew the danger of speaking up for their rights; with honour killings, women can see the risk of behaving outside their place.

Under Canadian law, terrorism includes an act taken for political, religious or ideological purposes which threatens the public or national security by killing, seriously harming or endangering a person. Terrorism is violence designed to intimidate for an ideological purpose.

Hmm... indeed. "Honor killing" is yet another form of Islamic fascist terrorism.

I'd make the case of bogus lawsuits and "Human Rights" complaints launched by Islamic supremacists as being a (non-violent, but still terrifying, intimidating) terrorism as well, for their intimidation effect. This is in addition to the obvious threat of deadly violence from whatever specific, individual unhinged, deranged Islamic supremacists (acting either alone or as part of a group or acting on directions from someone such as an Imam or a terror leader) decide to commit it "to defend the honor of Allah". And we know that many, particularly leftists, and also particularly the normally militantly aggressive and fearless gays, are intimidated into silence, not daring to criticize Islam for the hatred, contempt and violence it perpetuates against all kinds of people who have done nothing wrong.

But listening to the silence of Obama's Department of Homeland Security on the grave threat posed by Supremacist Islamic Extremists, one wouldn't notice. The Obama DHS is more interested in silencing dissenting Americans by falsely labelling them "terrorists" just because they disagree with the policies of the Regime.