Monday, August 17, 2009

Republicans Rising As Obama, Dems Falling

Story here. Issue by issue, the Republicans are trumping the Democrats as Americans continue to awaken, one by one, from the effects of Obama's koolaid campaign in the last election.

Plus, as Obama's approval numbers steadily decline, the Clintons' approval numbers rise.

What a spectacular flop has been the Obama-Democratic Regime. They're that bad, to lose their super-high approval ratings in just a few months, falling behind their rivals already!

But is it any surprise? Some unknown, inexperienced guy in a suit gets into the White House and promptly screws everything up. Duh. If only the American People had been able to resist the koolaid campaign...

Well, now they know that Obama and the Demmies suck, and next year come the midterm elections... bye-bye, Demmies.