Sunday, August 23, 2009

Another Rare Ballsy Republican: Obamacare 'Threat To Democracy'

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I would question, however, the Mount Shasta Area Newspapers as to how they made the determination that the crowd of 2,000 was "partisan". Would they have called Obama's own town hall crowds "partisan", too, given that there's no doubt that Obama's own people were planted there very carefully? I get the impression that the MSAN are trying really hard not to go too far and call the townhallers "teabaggers" and whatnot. They succeed, but barely.

The MSAN folks are assuming that they're all Republicans, but as we've seen from the Tea Parties and other town halls, those opposed to Obamacare and Obama's drunken-sailor spending ways aren't partisan- they're all over the spectrum. They represent the American People. Some actually favored Obamacare there. A few. Just a handful. Out of two thousand. Not a good sign for The Owe.

Although Herger called several times for the audience to “respect each other’s opinions,” those opposed to president Obama’s health care were greeted with cheers while the few in favor were interrupted with catcalls.


“Our democracy has never been threatened as much as it is today,” Herger said to a loud standing ovation.

And don't you just love it when people express pride in who they are:

One speaker said he could trace his ancestors back to the Mayflower and said “they did not arrive holding their hands out for help.”

“I am a proud right wing terrorist,” he declared to cheers.

Herger praised the man’s attitude.

“Amen, God bless you,” Herger said with a broad smile. “There is a great American.”
You know, we gotta have annual weeks and parades for "right-wing terrorists". Just like there's weeks and parades for people who practice odd sex stuff (you know, those circus-like parades we hear about on the news ought to have straight folks with weird fetishes, too, to be inclusive).

Yep. Obama, however, obviously isn't much of an American at all, because he's selling America out to the international socialists, taking direction and advice from the likes of Hugo Chavez, the brutally intolerant socialist-fascist dictator of Venezuela.

Don't forget about when Obama refused to put his hand over where his heart should've been when the national anthem was sung. Everyone else put their hands over their hearts, even Hillary! See below (that's not a PhotoShop, either; you can see it on YouTube, too), as Obama praises his wee-wee instead of America:

Contrast that pointed refusal to be a patriotic American with the following, when Obama visited his suspected real homeland:

And don't forget about this (forgive the vulgarity, but nothing's as vulgar as Obama's arrogant anti-Americanism!):