Saturday, August 29, 2009

Coren On Why People Leave The United Church

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Ms. Tindal goes on to explain that she, yes, "cares for creation," drives a Smart car and, God love her, wants to "build a safe place for people to be fully themselves. That means safe enough to bring differing opinions without fear of attack or blame."

This, remember, is the same United Church that presented background material just a few weeks ago questioning whether Jewish MPs were genuinely Canadian and arguing that Jewish groups had bribed politicians with free vacations in Israel.

I'm sure Jews and Christian supporters of Israel feel wonderfully safe and cuddly in such company.


New ministers have arrived, made people feel unwanted because they refuse to embrace secular leftism, and then the churches are closed down.

I wonder what proportion of remaining members realize that the church they knew for so long has been hijacked by extremists pushing non-religious-related nonsense such as anti-Israelism and anti-Semitism.

Of course, all churches have their own problems with extremists infiltrating and hijacking their agendas.

The members need to awaken to this reality and take a closer look at their ministers, priests, etc., who say suddenly strange things that don't seem to have anything to do with the Bible and sound suspiciously like positions and talking points already being spewed by the Far Left and the Big Media.

Churches are supposed to be places of worship, not policital activism and hatemongering. Yet there have been aggressive folks who infiltrated and hijacked them for such purposes. Oh, yeah, that's in addition to those "priests" we've heard about who entered the priesthood with the hidden agenda of sodomizing little altar boys... those are just one example of such corruptors within.

It's no surprise that the Devil would send some of his minions to corrupt the churches from within. It's what such an evil entity would do.

Church members have every right and every interest in maintaining (or restoring) the sanctity of their houses of worship. They must begin to demand scrupulousness of their ministers, priests, etc., and stop trying to "embrace all ideologies" by letting just anyone become ministers, priests, etc., without undergoing an intrusive background check and intensive interviewing as to their many positions and as to what they would do if they become clergy (will they stick to the real job of clergy, or do they plan to abuse their positions to spew secular-left-wing political propaganda?).

Corrupt clergy ought to be fired and excommunicated for their sins and crimes which harm the churches and the public image of Christianity.

Politics and foreign ideologies ought to be banned from houses of worship.

Churches have every right to be outwardly active, but the outside world has no business intruding into the churches and telling their members to think and believe things that have nothing to do with the religion and the Bible.