Saturday, August 29, 2009

What's Lou Ferrigno Up To Today?

Above, L-R: Lou Ferrigno, Joe Weider & Arnold Schwarzenegger, in the Seventies.

Below: Ferrigno more recently being sworn in as an LA County Sheriff's Deputy. The bad guys better quit being bad, or else Lou, aka "The Hulk" will turn green and whoop their asses... just look at how much bigger Lou is than the other guys!

So what else is Lou Ferrigno thinking of doing next?

Having gone head-to-head with Arnold Schwarzenegger during their body-building days, Ferrigno might be contending with Arnie in politics. He's already a deputy officer in the Los Angeles County sheriff's department and is looking at entering politics.

Well, I don't know how much Lou Ferrigno has learned to ignore Hollyweird and Big Media nonsense (apparently Arnold hasn't, proving to be little more than a puppet of his Far-Left, Keneddy in-laws) and think for himself, nor do I have any idea about his ideological leanings, but to see this guy in politics would be interesting, naturally, especially following Arnold from the posing platform to the big screen to elected office.

One thing's for certain: Lou is eligible to be President, as we know he was born in America, unlike Schwarzenegger and Obama (ok, well, Obama says, and is believed by many lazy-minded folks, he was born in the US, but he never proved it, blowing some 1.5 million bucks to keep his real, original, paper, long-form birth certificate a secret for some reason that's the subject of much speculation, such speculation being fed by Obama's continuing insistence on not proving his Constitutional eligibility to be President).

The fact that Lou is into law enforcement is a positive sign. It does offer some insight into his values/beliefs.