Monday, August 17, 2009

Does Anyone Actually Believe What Obama Says Here?

The Justice Department takes one position, whereas Obama takes the opposite.

You know, it's no big secret that Obama will (ab)use his powers to, somehow, issue quiet, hush-hush, de-facto orders to any department of the Regime as to what position to take. The pressure the Obama Machine is able to exert on people is so great that most will go along, even if they know it's wrong, illegal, unconstitutional, unethical, immoral or even treasonous and/or dangerous to national security. People's self-interest often overrides their consciences, unfortunately, and the Obama Machine knows this reality very well and uses it to its advantage.

Like, we logically know he must have had something to do with the DOJ dropping charges against a couple of black supremacists who intimidated white voters away from a polling station, which is a very serious crime.

No way would the Obama DOJ do such an astonishingly incorrect, unlawful thing without the consent or directive of Obama.

Given that, I say that the DOJ is standing up for the Defense of Marriage Act with Obama's full blessing to do so, even though Obama's public propaganda position is the direct opposite of what the DOJ is doing.

What's going on here is Obama is trying to please both sides of the controversy at the same time!

He's not fooling me. After all, he's already made it clear that he opposes "gay marriage".

He's just putting on a big show to keep the militant gay movement from getting mad enough at him to start some kind of jihad against him.

A delicate political balancing act. It requires shovelling, nay, bulldozing, tons of steaming bullshit. But Obama does it quite well, actually.

Well, if the gay movement wants to believe Obama, they can go ahead and make fools of themselves. Do they really think he'd favor them and not his Muslim brothers, who oppose "gay marriage"? Who's more important to Obama, the Muslim World or the Gay World? He can't serve both, really. It doesn't work that way.

Besides, the gay movement doesn't campaign against fundamentalist Islam and its brutal intolerance of homosexuals, indicating that they accept that they're beneath Muslims in the Leftist World's de-facto hierarchy of human rights; they submit obediently in the name of Political Correctness and according to the Imperative Primacy of Discriminatory Leftist Dogma.

I guess they're submitting to Obama. They don't want to go against him even though they know full well that he's against them.

One thing's for sure, and it's that Obama gives bloggers and others plenty of material for discussion.